Face to Toe: Fitness

I’ve always loved the idea of covering a “whole look” suited to different activities or lifestyles. Since my blog covers the gamut from beauty and makeup to skincare and fashion, I thought it would be fun to share with you a few posts dedicated to a whole look, “face to toe”–one that is as functional as it is stylish.

For today’s “Face to Toe” look, I wanted to cover the fitness routine. Fitness is about so much more than looking cute in a stretchy top and leggings (although who doesn’t love feeling motivated to work out after buying cute workout gear?). It’s also important to consider skincare, post-workout cleansing, the right shoes, how to hold your hair back from your face (to avoid breakouts), and more.

For fitness, let’s talk activewear first. I love a good pair of leggings and they don’t have to cost you a Benjamin to get your hands on a decent pair. Make sure your workout top is light and flowy, and has a built-in shelf bra for A-cups or wear a decent sports bra for B-cups and higher. For sneakers, I’ve been loving my Nike Flex Run 2014’s (they have a newer pair out), they are inexpensive and lightweight, which is easy on the joints. 

Make sure your face is makeup-free, and slather a good sunscreen on prior to any outdoor fitness. Hold your hair back with a wide headband, preferably one made of satin or other smooth material, as it will cause less hair breakage than other fibers such as cotton, which can have a lot more friction.

After your workout, cleanse your face with a micellar cleansing water or a makeup wipe suited to your skin type (ones that prevent acne or are “exfoliating” are probably best post-workout). Sweaty hair undergoes a lot of salty stress, so cleanse it nourishingly with a cleansing conditioner.

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