Fashion Week Survival Tips

Although fashion week in New York may be at an end, there’s still a lot more to go around the world. And truly, these tips are great for ANYONE who works, walks to work, or just walks a lot daily in general.

When you’re out and about all day and into the evening hours with a packed schedule, the emphasis should be on long wearing products. Choose a long wearing foundation, but make sure to use a primer underneath. Set it with a makeup setting spray that has the technology behind it to make your makeup last longer. Long days and nights = dark under eye circles (at least for me). So make sure to use a high-coverage, creamy concealer that is easily blendable, and set it with a microfine powder to make sure it lasts throughout the day.

If you’ve ever heard of the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep It Simple Stupid – although I know you are not stupid, ha) the same applies with lip color. Less is more, and less is infinitely easier to maintain throughout a long day. Instead of going with a bright red lip that you have to constantly baby and retouch–go with a shimmery sheer gloss (I like Chanel #162). You can apply it while you’re walking, or in a cab, and without a mirror. Easy!

Do you ever get that gross, hot and sweaty feeling after you walk from the frigid outdoors, all bundled up, into a hot, dry air-conditioned building? If I don’t immediately de-bulk, I start to feel over-warm, sweaty, and flushed. If you’re past the point of no return, try these cool new “cooling body cloths”. They’re by Ban (yep, the same company that makes deodorant), they come in three different scents (Restore, Invigorate, or Enliven), and they’re called the Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths. My favorite scent is Enliven.

Get The Essentials

They’re the first ever to market in the U.S. and contain technology innovated in Japan. These are super handy–just throw them in your bag and whenever you feel like you need to freshen up (arms, legs, torso, neck, underarms, you name it) these are hands down the most convenient thing ever. They may not be the sexiest product, but they’ll make you feel infinitely less gross if you’re beyond the point of no return. I get my Refresh cloths at my local drugstore, but you can find them wherever deodorant is sold.

I hope this helps! I know it’s not just exclusive to fashion week attendees–so if you find this helpful, leave a comment letting me know why and what you do for a living, etc! Let’s chat below! Tweet me with the hashtag #bantotalrefresh too and I’ll retweet you!