First Impressions: Maestro

In this video I give my first impression (i.e. quickie) review on my new (spoiler–favorite!) foundation: Giorgio Armani’s Maestro fusion makeup. This revolutionary foundation comes with a glass dropper to dispense the product, which is highly unusual. But the reason is this foundation is so fluid, it goes on like nothing you’ve ever tried before. And the result is like a layer of skin-perfecting pigment blended into your skin. A satiny finish, this product does NOT look like you are wearing foundation. It makes you look like you have perfect skin. It’s absolutely amazing. Here it is on my skin:



The Maestro foundation is adapted to all skin tones. The smart pigments are so fine, that they fuse with the skin’s natural color. They are also so fine and pure, that light rays will not be absorbed into the skin, but rather create a soft luminous reflection, a perfect 360 degrees radiance. This is not shiny folks. This is photoshopping.

Traditional foundations are usually emulsions with water in oil containing fillers; those fillers can produce a visible masking effect. Maestro was created with five out-of-the box principles, delivering a result never seen before:

  • a water and powder-free base
  • totally non-comodogenic
  • 5 time-released oils evaporating gradually
  • smart pigment technology
  • an easy, fast, fresh and flawless application with an unforgettable sensory feel

The Fusion make-up technology delivers the thinnest color film that blends perfectly and corrects skin imperfections without buildup.

You can purchase Maestro here!