Flower Power

Top o’ the mornin to ya! I have no idea why I’m feeling so chipper (and Irish, apparently). Perhaps because it’s Thursday which means it’s nearly Friday which means it’s nearly a weekend of FREEDOM?

It could be that. Or it could be the extra shot in my grande cinnamon dolce latte this morning.

Either one is okay by me.

By now you may be noticing that things are a little pink. Well, ladies & gents, don’t adjust your screen – I was feeling the flower power today and some of that power manifested in the form of a whole lotta fun in the darkroom.

What, you thought my photos were digital? Shyea. Right. C’mon.

No? Fine then. A little fun in the post-processing. That sounds so much less mysterious.

You guys are really inspiring me with your questions and comments telling me what you’d like to see more of on PSS. I’m gathering them all up to save for a rainy day, to tap into when I’m running low on inspiration or searching for new post ideas. And you guys have given this gal plenty of food for the famine!

And I’m happy to say that I’m already fulfilling your requests! Several of you asked for more outfits consisting of budget-friendly items, and this outfit most certainly fits the bill. The most expensive thing in this outfit (excluding my watch) is my jeans. And they’re from Gap. Go me!

Secondly, one of you asked for–believe it or not–more parking garage photos. After I pulled my jaw back up to my face with my free hand, I instantly rejoiced. It’s like someone telling you not to blow dry your hair, wear makeup, or change out of your PJ’s, because you look better that way. Shyea! I took that request and ran with it.

To the parking garage.

On another note, this is the first time I have used my tripod and remote to take outfit photos in…well, a really long time! Aren’t you proud?

HB was post-call and super tired, and even though he offered, I touched my finger to his lips and silenced him mid-sentence with:

“Shh shh shh – no honey. You’ve done enough. Please. Don’t think about me.”*

And then I floated–okay schlepped–off with my gear to the parking garage. Well, that’s how it went in my head at least.

*HB would like me to note that he did in fact offer and I did in fact say no. That is all.