Follow the Newly Redesigned Pretty Shiny Sparkly

Well, hello there friend.

It’s me. You don’t recognize me?

“Did you get a haircut?” you ask, scratching your head.

Nope. (gleefully)

“Did you get a makeover?” you muse, stroking your chin.

Sort of!


After being inspired and reinvigorated by the motivational content that poured over my ears and eyes during the live stream of the Evolving Influence IFB conference yesterday, one of the things that I did immediately was flip open my Moleskine notebook (an analog version of my inspirations, jotted down in pen instead of pixels) and start writing my goals for the blog.

One of them – yet another redesign. I know you might moan and groan about how many makeovers this blog has undergone in the (nearly!) one year of its existence, but, seriously, it got to be too much…MUCH. Sidebars flanking on either side (which, actually, the left sidebar causes a very important – and very bad – delay in the loading of your actual post content, blogger beware!). Colors all over the place. I just felt like it made it very hard for the actual content of my blog – the posts – very hard to read when it was in sandwich form.

So what did I do? I stayed up 3 hours past my bedtime to bring you something totally different (but a little bit the same).

I am so excited about it because it finally conveys the true meaning of me – Pretty Shiny Sparkly. And it does so in a non-intrusive, clean, and overall girly-but-sophisticated manner. Much like my style (or that which I hope to achieve, anyway)!

I sincerely hope you like it. I did it for me (hear that, Gala?) but it will mean that much more if you like it too.

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So now: what do YOU think?