Follow the PSS!

You know how the term “follow” means something drastically different today than, say, 5 or 10 years ago? Like, in 1998, I would say to a friend “Follow me” and it would mean literally, as in follow my vehicle with your vehicle or let me show you the way to the girls’ restroom so you can fix that bra strap.

So, for the past several months (and I mean that in an I only worked on this once every couple of months kind of way) I have been putting together short video clips of my daily–mundane–life. This is also going to be the intro video for my YouTube channel – so check that out as well and be sure to thumb it up/subscribe! Holla!

Psst…I’m heading to sunny Los Angeles from September 17th thru September 25th! Are you a blogger who wants to meet up? Leave a comment below! I’m already pumped about meeting the fabulous ladies of TwoPointOhLA, as well as my favorite vlogger, iJustine!

Another Psst…I updated my archives page! Check it out and get clicky clicky – I love revisiting really old posts.

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