Four Years Without My Brother

Hey guys. Today, October 6, always marks a solemn day in the Medhus household. The fact that this gloomy, chilly weather marks four years since my brother’s suicide is all too apropo, because it’s how most of my family & I feel on the inside today. We’re going to spend some time with my mom so she doesn’t feel so alone today, but I filmed a quick video for you since words tend to escape me on this day.

To read my story about my brother’s death, click here.

Buy “My Son and the Afterlife” on Amazon, Barnes & Noble (e-reader versions available on each site).

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  • AishaJMM

    Wishing you all comfort and peace, today and everyday.

  • You’ve written so beautifully about your brother that I quite literally feel your mourning, Kristina. You have made something so beautiful and constructive out of you brokenness. What a lovely tribute to your brother. I hope that I may rise to that challenge with my own life experiences.

  • Be strong! You and your Mom are both amazing people. I can’t wait to read her book!

  • I truly believe that character isn’t shown until someone gets knocked down. Losing your brother was a life altering event and you’ve risen from that moment. Be sad when you need to be sad, cry when you need to cry, but laugh during every moment you can and keep moving forward.

  • Cinnamon

    Hugs, Kristina.