Friday Faves: When Pink Throws Up

Continuing the (rather young) tradition, here are selection of my favorites while browsing teh internetz (misspelling is cool now, ok?)…

….Totally ordered this a few days ago with my Nordy’s gift certificate I got for Christmas (how, exactly, did I hold off this long?). It arrives Monday and I could not be more excited. Unless, of course, Mr. Grumpy UPS man comes bearing this gift.

Totally digging this song: “Still In Love (Kissing You)” by Beyoncé

Still In Love (Kissing You) by Beyonce

I keep listening to it and I love it (just like I love the version from Romeo & Juliet!). Just so sweet and romantic.

If I could sing, I would sing it to my sweetie. And then, after stuffing cotton balls in his ears to stop the bleeding, he would probably smile & thank me.


Because it’s pink! If I had one, I could vlog to you guys sometime! Show you ’round my neighborhood, ‘n stuff. Sniff.

Also, Peonies:

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL Friday! Don’t forget to enter the contest if you haven’t already.

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