Friday Roundup: May 21

Happy Friday, all! I thought I would post a few bookmarks/favorites I’ve collected around the web, things that inspired me lately, and other links I think you’ll love.

Be sure to check out my Beautiful Stranger contest entry, and if you can, leave a comment describing what/how this blog inspires you! Here’s the contest entry.

This editorial featuring model Lydia Hearst, shot by Elias Wessel for Vixen Magazine Spring 2010, completely ties in with my fun haircolor adventure of the past week! (Update: I now have one tiny, subtle pink strand, and one tiny, subtle amethyst/heather strand near my face. They’re both Manic Panic and thus semi-permanent, and it turned out so well, that I want more! Uh-oh.)

This romper has one of the coolest fabric patterns I’ve ever seen. It’s like tye-dye had a baby with Ikat.

It’s no secret I’ve been coveting any form of the Jeffrey Campbell Tick bootie (JC knows I pretty much love ALL of his shoes). Late last night I noticed that quietly, subtly, SB added a version of the Tick I’d never seen before–nude! I knew they carried the all black version without tacks (which I like because apparently the tacks have been a bit adventuresome and pop off at times), but when I saw it in the season’s hottest shade and envisioned how leg-lengthening it would be in shorts, a romper, a skirt, or a pair of long jeans even in Fall, I had to scoop up a pair. Wednesday cannot get here fast enough.

(P.S. JC – feel free to consult me for an even-more-fabulous version of the Tick that I have dreamed up. And yes, there is a little bit of pink involved.)

This hairspray is most assuredly the softest, most manageable (yet strong hold) hairspray ever invented: L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray

Lastly, I need your help finding a goldtone curb-chain link bracelet. I wanted this one from J. Crew but it sold out on me in the color I wanted (multi? gold? I forget). This one by Rachel Rachel Roy is super cute and am considering it as well, especially since her 30% off friends & family sale is going on right now. I’m looking for heavy and thick, to match a gold watch gifted to me. Help!!

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    • 05.21.2010 / 1:05 pm

      that's so pretty V! definitely adding it to my list of options.

    • 05.21.2010 / 1:04 pm

      G&G- you and I TOTALLY are the same person. I picked this one out first, but I kept on looking because it was a little pricier than I intended (and I just bought the Jeffrey Campbell's…lol) but I looooooove it.
      never thought of polyvore- what a great resource! Thanks! Already finding some great options on Bluefly because of it.

      • 05.21.2010 / 1:24 pm

        Cool! Yeah, the Polyvore shop link is a great resource whenever you're on the hunt for something. It seems to be more comprehensive than anything else out there. So glad you found something.

        PS: totally wishing I had the right hair color to do a lavender streak…lucky you!

    • 05.21.2010 / 5:50 pm

      Great review. Yes, it is indeed an amazing hairspray. And I've tried a lot – it's so important to me that it is touchable and soft!!

  1. 05.21.2010 / 9:42 pm

    Hi Kristina! I've found even better than Polyvore for searching for what you want…Me, since I'm a cheapskate, I would just buy a gold thick chain bracelet from the craft/jewelry supply store, PAINT a couple of the links black if that's what you wanted, and glue on those rhinestone stickers they sell on a sheet for decorating your cellphone. You could also glue on Swarovski's if you're hardcore. Totally DIY-able…for waaaaay less than $95 too!!

    Also, on your sidebar you have a photo of the Miu Miu cat clogs…what do you think of my Miu Miu-inspired swallow-print sneakers that I designed?

    I thought you might find them cute!

    Have a great day!



    • 05.21.2010 / 9:48 pm

      AH-mazing. Now if only they came in a high heel. *sighs*

  2. 05.22.2010 / 2:59 am

    I totally loved that photo shoot when I saw it last weekend! And I LOVE your new blog layout by the way!!!

    Here is everything I'm loving this week:

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