Gaga Flashback + Viva Glam Lipstick Review

The year was 2005. She wasn’t Lady Gaga yet–back then she was Stefani Germanotta, and she was on MTV’s Boiling Points.

Lady Gaga on MTVs Boiling Points

Fast forward to 2007, when she took this press shot for Interscope Records:

Now she’s got her own lipstick, teaming up with MAC and the Viva Glam AIDS fund, which donates 100% of the proceeds to the fight against AIDs and HIV. She joins Cyndi Lauper in the newest Viva Glam VII collection. I bought the Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga Lipstick

Actually, I bought two!

It’s the most wonderful light pink with blue tones. Very lush and creamy, as can be expected from MAC’s Lustre finish. I never told you this before (I didn’t think you’d care, and who am I kidding–I won’t blame you if you don’t) but I am religious when it comes to MAC lipstick and MAC eyeshadow. Nothing else will do. I’ll try different mascaras (newest obsession: YSL Faux Effet Cils, makes you look like you are wearing false lashes!), and I’ll try different lip-liners, eyeliners, what-have-you’s. But I never stray from my MAC lipstick (in Bombshell, New York Apple, and Fabby), eyeshadows (too many to list), and my Nars powder blush in Angelikah.

Here are some photos from the shoot for the new campaign, shot by Ellen von Unworth.

Gaga looks gorgeous (even if she does have her eyebrows tinted pink), but Cyndi…..I have no words. She looks like Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus:

Photo credits:
MTV.com & MTV.com (& Google for the lovely Hocus Pocus pic)

One more thing…

Marie Claire wished me luck on my last med school exam. A more stylish angel on my shoulder, I could not have imagined.