There’s something about this shirt (also seen here) that calms down an outfit. Why would I want to calm an outfit down, you ask? Sometimes geometric-patterned tights (seen on my second outfit post ever) and flouncy girly skirt needs a little gravity.

So I can anticipate this shirt being a staple in my closet for a very long time. Well worth the too-high price tag.

I tend to be really tight-fisted about average, daily purchases, thanks to my tighter-than-liquid-leggings-student budget. But when it comes to major purchases, investment pieces (a watch, a bag, camera, or computer) I tend to splurge and then rationalize my purchase by any means necessary. Does this happen to you too? Please tell me I’m not alone.


Photos by HB!

P.S. – I’m selling my iPad (WiFi version) since I never use it and already have my laptop. Email me if you’re interested! Free shipping. 🙂