Getting to Know You

It’s about time I did one-a these…

My life since November 1st, 2009 has been absolutely nothing I ever expected. I never expected to start a blog, let alone about fashion or–gasp!–my sense of style. And I never expected to have gotten to know so many of you in the process. It’s been absolutely wonderful. Terrifying, sometimes in a sweaty-palmed kind of way, but wonderful.

It’s time I got to know you. In the romantic way that the internet provides: anonymously. Yes, I am asking for you to tell me who you are and what you think about Pretty Shiny Sparkly without, in fact, telling me….who you are. Yes? Yes.

Take the survey because you’re awesome and cool and everybody’s doing it →

No pressure, or anything. I’m only counting on you. And watching you. Through the camera on your laptop right now. Hi. Your hair looks pretty today.

P.S. – Happy Happy Birthday to the woman who gave me life–you don’t look a day over 25!