Gobble Gobble

I decided to test out the iMovie app on my iPhone this morning, and ended up creating a short, impromptu roundup video of footage I shot at yesterday’s Thanksgiving get-together. Did you catch my dad’s “Pretty Shiny Sparkly” reference (about my sparkly iPhone case)?

This year my family and I celebrated Thanksgiving quietly and casually–with good food, friends & family, and sumptuous dessert. My sister Annika and I have officially made seeing a movie (especially a Twilight movie) a Thanksgiving day tradition together, just the two of us. Last year it was Eclipse, and yesterday we caught an evening showing of the new Breaking Dawn Part 1. It was so good, you guys!

I’m even more excited about The Hunger Games movie, but disappointed that it doesn’t come out until March 2012. Boo.

Here are some more shots from my Turkey Day:

Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? What did you do this year?