Greek Yogurt + Agave Nectar + Tamales

{ chocolate chips + plain greek yogurt + agave nectar }

{ slow steamed tamales }

A healthy snack of greek yogurt (16g of protein!) sweetened with agave nectar and a little indulgence with some chocolate chips…

…and a set-and-leave-it dinner consisting solely of tamales with a side of ketchup. I placed the tamales in our asparagus steamer and it worked like a charm. It’s better to use a steamer with tamales rather than simmer-steaming them in a big covered pan, because they’ll get less soggy that way. I had the folded ends down, with the cut sides facing up (these tamales happened to come cut in half). They steamed for 45 minutes (from frozen) and were absolutely delicious and really hit the spot! They will be a new staple in our repertoire of quick and easy dinners.