Guest Post: MANGO Headquarters

This is a guest post written by Grit & Glamour. Grit & Glamour flew to Barcelona on behalf of Pretty Shiny Sparkly to cover the international photo shoot hosted by MNG by MANGO for jcpenney. Here’s what she experienced. Let’s try not to be jealous! Also, I’ll return to regular posting schedule soon, I’ve been interviewing back to back. — Kristina

Vahni: Touring MANGO headquarters, which is actually in an airplane hangar, was a dream come true. Being able to see fashion production behind-the-scenes, from beginning to end, was not only informative, but eye-opening. You can’t imagine how much effort goes into every single piece, every button, every zipper. It was totally fascinating to me.

Vahni: MANGO’s design center features a long, art-filled corridor off of which large (think airplane-size) rooms house fabrics, a library, pilot stores (full-size stores for planning displays, etc.), design and product testing, a cantina, and more. We were not permitted to photograph many of the areas, but still got a lot of shots that give you an exclusive peek inside.

Vahni: In the main corridor.

Vahni: Mannequin displays in the corridor.

Inside the design room (below). You can only see the end of three rows of tables that seemed like they were miles-long, at which dozens of employees sit and work, rather quietly given how many people there are in the room. We were all very surprised at the order and calm of a room with so many people in it.

Vahni: This is a shot from inside the pilot store for accessories…you can see the long tables I was talking about in the background.

Vahni: Another view of the accessories pilot store.

Vahni: And a shot of all of us after the tour!

Following the tour, we were given a quick presentation of the MANGO design process by MANGO designers. And goodie bags and treats. Yay!

Vahni: Jean (of Extra Petite) and I check out the schedule for tomorrow’s photo shoot.

And that’s it! We took a few shots outside before heading back to the hotel.

Grit & Glamour

This mission, including the trip to Barcelona, was sponsored by MNG by Mango and jcpenney and produced by Style Coalition.

Stay tuned for more reports from Vahni’s trip to Barcelona for the international leg of my mission with MNG by MANGO! Thanks again, Vahni! Be sure to check out Grit & Glamour for her fun (we’ll call ’em “unofficial”) posts–like some great after-hours Barcelona pics! — Kristina