Sequins & Leather on a Friday

Happy Friday! I felt my last outfit post was a bit androgenous – and some of you agreed with me. So, when I felt like slipping my boots on again, I decided to add some feminine sparkle. The jeans are also a lighter, silvery shade of grey compared to the dark grey pair in the previous outfit, but that’s hard to tell in the pictures.

I really have a lot of fun with these outfit posts. It’s like it forces me to “look good” every day instead of grunging out in old jeans and a sorority shirt from college days (if you were or are in a sorority, you know what I’m talking about. Drawers: full).

I went to Target today to find myself a full-length mirror (can you believe I don’t have one?) and was really stoked (did I just say stoked? must stop with the interrupting parentheses. stopping, now.) to find a white-framed over-the-door full mirror for only $14.99. Aren’t mirrors supposed to be expensive? They had a flimsier version for $12.99 but I splurged on the extra $2.

In other news, I’m really pleased to see PSS getting a lot of love lately from various places. PSS was mentioned on the radio (okay, internet radio), got some tweets from west elm, and a few other nice things, like realizing I’m being followed by Pottery Barn. Thanks guys! If you would like to report a PSS mention, you can do that here!

Any exciting plans for the weekend?

  • frye engineer boots courtesy of ShopBop.com
  • light grey super skinny jeans: american eagle
  • sequin racerback tank top: old navy
  • 3/4 length crop cardi: target
  • silver bangle: target
  • melon ring: no idea (sorry)