Hearts & Safari & Jungle Cats

dress- Target, heart tights- Urban Outfitters, locket- Forever 21, frye boots– c/o Shop Bop, scarf (as a belt)- Target (old), Michael Kors watch- c/o Shop Bop, bracelet- c/o FJB

What do you do when the moss-green utility shirtdress you spy at Target is just a teensy bit long on your short frame? Why, pin it up of course!

My dress lasted all day and night pinned up, and it was an absolute cinch to pull off.

Simply take any dress that’s too long for you (and you don’t have the time/patience/money/talent to hem it at the moment), and turn it inside-out. Lay it flat on the floor, and have a bunch of small safety pins handy. Fold over the hem (so the hem is facing the neck of the dress) at the desired length, then start pinning. When attaching the pin to the desired level, pinch off only the bare minimum needed for a secure fasten – otherwise you’ll have metal showing through on the other side (and we don’t want that)!

Emma. Silly cat of mine.

The dress actually comes with a tie-belt of the same color/material, but I wasn’t having that. Gotta liven it up with a little color and pattern, I say! This is absolutely one of my favorite and most-used scarves ever. I tie it on handbags, wear it as a headband, or wear it looped through my jeans’ belt loops. Scarves are incredibly versatile.

I spotted these heart tights at my local UO a few weeks ago and have been itching to wear them. Rather than go overboard with an ensemble of romantic sweetness, for their first outing I decided to use them to lightly sweeten up my utility-chic look I had going on.

P.S. I still love these boots. I really do. So comfy.

Photos by moi. Cameo by Emma.