hello, i love you won’t you tell me your name

On Saturday, after waking up at 5am to visit my little pedi patients in the hospital, [houston] and I packed up and hit the road for Austin, Texas where I would be speaking the next day at the Texas Style Council conference.

But first: mexican martinis. Definitely a tradition for me since my 4 years of college in Austin, mexican martinis are the signature drink at Trudy’s mexican restaurant. While I couldn’t convince [houston] to order one of his own (his loss), we filled our bellies with yummy mexican food — a weakness of mine. [houston] endured my endless chattering about nostalgia and “I went there’s” and drive-by’s of my college apartment, dorm, etc.

He was such a good sport — thank you hunny.

I looooove these Isabel Toledo x Payless shoes that Payless sent over. I just really love designer collaborations that are at a lower price point – perfect for my student budget and high fashion taste. (Champagne taste on a beer budget, as my dad always tells me.)

What you don’t see here are the shiny gold soles–move over, Christian Louboutin, I think I prefer gold to red!

Hello, new obsession. I am literally over the moon about this quilted bag. Would you ever have guessed it is a fully-loaded camera bag?! I never would have! It’s called The Bossi bag by THEIT, and it is frequently sold out and on a waiting list only. With its metal & leather chain, quilted faux leather and tassel, this bag has all the elements on my list of a classic, chic bag. But the fact that it has compartments inside (which you can customize with the removable velcro inserts to fit your camera + lenses) is sheer genius–I’ll be sure to take pics of the inside next time I remember.

But never fear about the waiting list – they get new shipments in all the time, so you aren’t bound to wait very long for yours. Get signed up now, since it’s first-come first-served!

I was asked by Lucky Magazine & Kmart to style some of Kmart’s pieces from Kmart’s spring lookbook and this soft slouchy asymmetrical jacket is lightweight enough to wear this spring, and the racerback top in a peachy-gold metallic fabric is very fresh. Unfortunately it’s very wardrobe-malfunction-prone with my petite frame, so [houston] was on boob watch all night!

Somehow, I don’t think he minded the assignment.