Help Me Choose My Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Lest I nearly disintegrate my gift card that I got for Christmas (absentmindedly fiddling with it in indecision), I figure it’s time to make the purchase. The Purchase. One that until recently would have made me laugh and tell myself that “The 80’s called, they want your sunglasses back.” Ah, but how the times (and trends) change. So without further ado ladies (& gentlemen!), please help me choose my new pair of Ray-Ban New Wayfarers!

I am also particularly fond of (although not exactly sure of their practicality):

So there you have it. My choices. Your choices. Please decide. I’m counting on you to make the decision! Comment with your choice of #1 (Black), #2 (Red/Leopard), #3 (Blue/Cream), or #4 (Pink).

Please. Help.