histrionic |ˌhistrēˈänik|adjective : overly theatrical or melodramatic in character or style

Yep, that pretty much sums up my outfit. It’s funny and strangely ironic, then, that when eating in cafes or restaurants HB and I like to point out women in flamboyant, crazy outfits and whisper histrionic under our breath whenever the opportunity arises.

Really enjoyed learning how to do this Carrie-esque bun thanks to Beth’s helpful video tutorial.

I really haven’t worn this faux-fur vest as often as I should – it’s so fun, fashionable, and dare-I-say-it slightly ridiculous that it’s sure to chic up any outfit. Last seen here.

Huge fan of my new American Apparel clutch (in tan) that I picked up at my local shop. It’s so on-trend and mimics the more expensive, classic version from Céline.

photos shot by HB. thanks darling!