green tree xmas card
I just love the holiday season, because it gives me an excuse to send old-fashioned mail–stamp-licking and all. I’ve got my holiday stamps from the post office all ready, but I still haven’t bought my Christmas cards. On my hunt for the perfect set, I gathered my favorites to share with you. Which is your favorite? If you’re super organized (unlike myself) and already bought your holiday cards, share them with the rest of us!

  1. Ornaments in Purple/Silver (target)
  2. Dove Star (tinyprints)
  3. Jeweled Ornaments (target)
  4. Winding Wreath (tinyprints)
  5. “Joy” Letterpress (target)
  6. Noel Fa La La Ornament (target)
  7. Spotted Snowflake (tinyprints)
  8. Colorful Noel (tinyprints)

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