Home Is Where the Heart Is

Two dozen roses from [houston] for our pseudo-anniversary (2 years of dating) a few months ago.

A cheap little fake flower arrangement in a vase that I LOVE from Target.

Sparkly pears, also from Target.

[houston]’s odd humpbacked-candle elephant that sits atop a stack of old magazines (can you guess which ones they are?)

My cheetah print calf-hair pumps by Sam Edelman (seen here).

[houston] and I are moving. We don’t know where yet, but we are eyeing one fabulous high-rise place that we love. We have been renting this 3/3 townhouse for only a year but have come to realize that two busy medical students-soon-to-be-residents don’t have time to deal with things like water heaters and HVAC systems on our own when they break. So, it’s back to an apartment, this time with 24-hour maintenance. Thank heavens!! I have this weekend off, so I’m taking advantage of my first free day in two weeks (since starting OB/GYN) and scouting out the apartment complexes on my short list. Happy weekend, y’all!