Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush

Having recently reviewed a single blush color by MAC the other day, it’s only fair that Hourglass got some love too. They’ve recently released a sister blush line to the Ambient Lighting Powders, called the Ambient Lighting Blush. The packaging is just as sleek, but a miniature size of the powder we’re familiar with. There is a handy mirror, and there is a decent amount of product. The product I have here is Diffused Heat which when swirled on the brush or swatched is actually a very pigmented, bright coral with red undertones. The gripe I have about this particular shade is that it is packed with hidden flecks of glitter that are not apparent if you just look at the packaging in stores, so beware! I’m against glitter on anyone’s cheeks over the age of 19. Glitter-griping aside, this blush is so pigmented that the slightest bit goes a long way (and have had to correct my makeup with more foundation on two separate occasions having forgotten that fact). At least your $35 will last you a long time!




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