The fiancé and I headed out on this fine day to embark on a very, very diffcult, very hard, very strenuous, very tedious task: wedding cake tasting.

I know. So hard.

While I won’t reveal the cakes’ designs (yes, there are two–a groom’s cake and a bride’s cake), I will tell you the flavors! Mine will be traditional wedding cake with a raspberry & cream cheese filling. HB’s will be a red velvet chocolate with chocolate buttercream filling. Delicious.

This outfit was all about comfort, then. After my closet cleanout, I was reunited with my old Target ikat cardi and paired it with a gorgeous long strand of real baroque pearls my future mother-in-law bought for me in Paris (the boutique is called Hervé Domar Paris). And the Hunter boots are a recent aquisition after the heavens opened and deluged the city two days prior. It was sunny by the time they arrived, but that didn’t stop me from wearing them.

Bon Appétit.