I Eat Sparkles for Breakfast

In case you had any doubt as to my full-fledged addiction to anything sparkly, I submit to you Exhibit A: (nom nom nom!)

This morning as I was ordering my Skinny Vanilla Latte from SB, a sparkle caught my eye (I’m like a crow, I swear). I immediately pointed to the pastry case and said “I’ll have that mini sparkly donut, please”. Another employee nearby exclaimed, fabulously, “You said sparkly!”

“I love anything sparkly,” I said.

And it’s true.

Oh, and guess what? You’re not going to believe what I’m posting tomorrow. If you ever get sick of ways to win pretty sparkly things, please let me know. Oh, and you won’t see any of that “Triaminic strips” or “Yogurt Fiber” sample giveaways here. Who really gives a crap about winning that? I’m of the opinion that if you are going to spend a few minutes entering to win something, it better be worth it, and it better be something you want. Tomorrow’s is no exception. Get ready!