IFBcon Outfit

So you may notice that there’s just a bit of a difference between my IFBcon outfit and that of the one I wore to Lucky FABB earlier in the day. It was so windy, blustery, and rainy, that my wine-colored American Apparel velvet skirt (paired with spotted J.Crew tights {similar}) became just a little bit impractical. So I changed into jeans and called it for what it was. #weatherfail

In other news, I am SO GLAD I invested in this amazing, buttery-soft lambskin jacket from the king of all leather jackets, Vince. My lovely friend Vahni squealed, “It feels like tissue paper!” and I can’t disagree. Wildly luxurious, but then again I prefer to invest in quality, long-lasting classic pieces that I know I will get the most out of, and save on the rest (like thrifting, shopping at Forever 21, Target, H&M, etc).

A note on my Maya Brenner necklace: I never took it off in NYC, and it got me so many comments! I completely forgot I was wearing it all the time, and would become utterly confused when people would exclaim, “Oh, you’re from Texas? Me too!” How did they know? Am I that obvious? Did I say y’all, or something? No. I was wearing it like a banner flag 24/7. Oops. Coco and her husband James liked it, though Coco admitted she didn’t immediately recognize it, just thought it was a pretty polygon–well, I say Coco that calls for you to get your booty down here to Texas so I can show¬† you around my great state!

Again, because I’m never satisfied with pictures I take on cameras other than my big hoss (Canon 7D), I have recreated the conference outfit as before, but this time with the jeans. Isn’t it funny how changing one thing as simple as a skirt to jeans can make an outfit look completely different?

More on the actual IFB conference to follow…stay tuned…