I’m Off to Sunny Los Angeles!

I’m off to sunny Los Angeles for a fun-filled week of sun, sand, surf, and shopping!

Are you in the L.A. area? Wanna meet up? Email me or Tweet me and we can arrange a meetup! I’m already scheduled to meet some fabulous LA fashion bloggers and one rather fabulous “e-lebrity” who videoblogs to millions of fans.

Here’s the deal. From Monday Sep 20th til the 25th when I leave, [houston] will still be working his butt off in the hospital all day (and even some nights). So I’m going to be preeeeetty bored during the weekday mornings, afternoons, and some evenings. That’s why I’m eager to fill my days with fun things like meeting friends IRL (that’s in-real-life)!

(At the end of the 3½ hour plane ride, methinks I will see Hollywood hills more like this.)

I’m one of those silly bloggers who doesn’t have a laptop (I sold mine and instead got a massive 24″ iMac which I heart very much) so I’ll only be equipped with my iPad, iPhone, [houston]’s laptop…oh, wait. I’m connected. Sa-weet! Expect lots of outfit posts, LA-themed posts, and videoblogs when I return! (And maybe some posts during, since it appears I’m too connected for my own good.) I have some posts that I wrote earlier this week that will roll out next week too, which I am excited about, so you will never miss your dose of Pretty Shiny Sparkly!

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Hint: you can use hashtag #pssinla and show up here too!

Screenshots of the “California Gurls” video by Katy Perry, from katyperry.com