You’ll have to excuse this post for not really relating to fashion. At all. Sorry.

On Saturday I went to the Honda dealership with my dad to pick out a new car, since the lease was up on my black SUV.

This beautiful sage green CRV is my new baby!! I love it so much, and I think the color is gorgeous–so shimmery and opalescent.

Traditionally I name all of my cars so I’m going to have to come up with one for him (my cars are always male). Previous cars have included “Apollo”–yellow beetle, “Gary”–grey civic, and “Rocky”–black outlander).

Any name suggestions? Winner gets a shout-out on PSS!

Congratulations Izzie, you won the Le Mode Accessories Giveaway! Email me your contact details to claim your prize!

I also have one more announcement: my mom’s blog, Channeling Erik, about life after death (and after the death of my brother, Erik) is in the top 5 in the running for best religion blog! Please go vote for her and all the other awesome blogs in the other categories!