Keep Calm & Sparkle On

I just wanted to pop in on this lovely Friday and say hi, hope you have a lovely weekend, and now that I’m (today) officially done with the hardest part of medical school (the first 3 years), my schedule is about to get a looooot better! Which means…more time for blog posting!

[houston] and I will be taking outfit shots before dinner tonight, and this weekend I plan on catching up with friends and family, and doing a little last-minute shopping, because…

I’m going to Hollywood! On Monday I will jet off to Los Angeles for a week of sun-filled fun (and a few meetings). So if you’re in the Los Angeles area (I’ll actually be staying in Topanga Canyon) and want to meet up, please let me know in the comments!

Posting will continue as per usual–you’ll probably get sick of me, if anything. Happy Friday!

In case you’ve been wondering, when I haven’t been studying or blogging in the past two weeks, I’ve been doing this:

Photo credits: Pretty Shiny Sparkly (yes, I made this myself, so please credit with a link if you tumble/pin it! thanks!!)