Kylie Jenner’s Lip Products

It’s no secret that in the last 3-4 months I’ve fallen victim to Kylie-Jenner-Lips-Mania. Dubbed “Lip-Gate” by those who swear she has gotten lip fillers despite her family’s adamant denial (she’s only 16! they cry), I happen to agree with the sentiment – there’s no way this girl’s lip plumping is just attributed to makeup. Lip liners are great, but they aren’t capable of supernatural powers.

Magic aside, she has a strong 90’s lip vibe going on which I can totally relate to–since I actually am a child of the 90’s. It’s that spicy-brown-mauve-matte look that is so cool. Mind you, this isn’t “your lips but better”. This is full on browny rosey nude.  Now, I have naturally “medium” lips, I would say. Not super thin, but not luscious either. I love the look of bigger lips but won’t get lip injections (“yet,” she hedges), so this technique is something I have tended to employ lately.

Two days ago, Kim Kardashian spilled Kylie Jenner’s lip lining secrets: she uses MAC Lip Liner pencils in “Soar” and “Spice“. If she uses a lipstick, she either uses “Faux” or “Brave“. Personally, I like “Mehr” as it has a lovely matte finish. 




Now, Spice was waaaaaaay too brown for my skin tone, so I settled with Soar (shown in these photos) and also picked up “Nice ‘N Spicy” which is a gorgeous brown shade that is a bit more wearable than Spice. Soar is a mid-tone pinkish brown, and Spice is a pink-cinnamon color. Nice ‘N Spicy is also described on MAC’s website as “pink cinnamon stick” but is a pro-longwear formula, creamier, and in my opinion a tad lighter than Spice.

All you need to do to get her look is grab yourself one of these pencils before they sell out (Whirl has sold out in most stores, and it was only rumored to be what she used!), overline your lips like crazy, and be on your merry, lip-pouting way.

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