Mint. If I could sum up the spring’s trend direction this season, it would be one word. Mint.

Maybe because, for me, the spring/summer collections didn’t hold a lot of continuity between them. Many were very regurgitated trends from last spring (color blocking, neon, florals…come on).

However, one trend really pleasantly surprised me: Easter-egg-like pastel colors. Specifically, this very sweet and demure shade of mint green that is so light and almost blue in quality. It pairs just as nicely with rich blue jeans, as it does with a ladylike pleated skirt.

Best of all, the color can be found everywhere in stores lately. Browsing my local Zara, I had at least four renditions of the mint blouse in my hands, as well as a sweet mint blazer before I settled on this one (just as sweet, but less expensive).

Speaking of mint, I have a hankerin’ for my favorite mint. I keep several in my purse wherever I go! 🙂

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  • I adore this pastel trend too (and wore them colorblocked on my site earlier this week). I almost bought this same blouse and now I think I have to have it. Although I must admit, these colors look so much prettier on someone with light blonde hair like yours!

  • really pretty 🙂

  • Oh yes, mint is the trend of this spring, that’s also my opinion! And you interpreted it wonderful, I truely love how you combined the mint blouse with this ladylike skirt! Unfortunately, at my place (Munich), the local shopping possibilites aren’t very good, and all the zara mint blouses didn’t really feel great when I tried them on, so I’m still in search for the perfect one for me! I hope to find it as soon as possible!you could make a bdb out of it: something mint – that would be great and I would have a little more pressure to decide for a mint blouse 😉
    xxx Anita

  • Loving the mint trend! It really takes most of my will power to not snatch up everything in sight!

  • I LOVE this outfit, such amazing colour combination.

  • I’m so excited that mint is on trend this season. Love the color!

  • So pretty! I love soft pastel colors. I want an outfit just like this one.

  • Rhi

    I love this colour combination and all that floatiness and chiffon is delightful! xx

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  • such a wonderful look Kristina! i love pastel colors on you!

    Fashion Fractions

  • Yess.. I am LOVING mint for spring/summer! And also print jeans.

  • Oh so feminine indeed, you look lovely!

  • PrettyShinySparkly> Ladylike: Mint. If I could sum up the spring’s trend direction this season, it wo… (#fashion)

  • Ladylike: Mint. If I could sum up the spring’s trend direction this season, it would be one word. Mint. Maybe be…

  • Ladylike: Mint. If I could sum up the spring’s trend direction this season, it would be one word. Mint. Maybe be…

  • I like the mint but LOVE your shades. Well done chica.

  • the pastels are so gorgeous! Love the light blue top ! <3Rory

  • Alexandra

    I am looking at these pictures so enviably…we have a blizzard going on right about now! lol You look gorgeous and I love blouse, screams springtime!

  • Lovely look! I put together something sorta similar earlier this week, let me know what you think:

  • Love the look! I’m excited about this color for spring.

  • This is a very pretty and ladylike outfit indeed! I love mint and I have been really wanting some mint jeans or trousers lately. I love your fishnets too. I clearly don’t own enough pastels . . .

  • love mint….and pastel green…and pretty much every spring color out. you lok amazing!

  • I love this outfit and I think you have great taste in putting your outfits together. The mint color is one of my favorite colors, it’s actually one of the main colors in my bathroom! I really love that lip color on you it looks fabulous. I bought that color and thought I could pull it off but now I have to mix it with more of a browner natural lip pencil because it’s too cool of a color for me. I also really love the bracelets, especially the Carpe Diem one. LURVE! :o)

  • Lovely ensemble! Very feminine and I’m loving “mint” too; just bought a pair of skinny jeans in this color.

  • Cute outfit. It is, indeed, very ladylike.

  • What you said about regurgitated trends made me think of one of Miranda in the Devil Wears Prada when she says: “florals for spring? how original” haha… seriously made me laugh out loud 🙂
    And I know what you mean, these pastels shades, especially the mint seems really fresh for spring! You look so pretty 🙂 Right now I’m loving the idea of a soft pastel pink blouse or pants paired with a neon pink accessory as a take on mixing spring trends!

  • So pretty! In terms of pastels, warmer ones like pink and beige neutrals generally look better on me, but I do love me some blue/green ones, too. Such a cute outfit! :)- Laura

  • Such a pretty and feminine outfit! And I love mint! 🙂

  • Chaz

    Lovely outfit! Very ladylike and I am loving mint too. Digging the fishnets with it!

  • I just did a post about my favorite new mint piece as well!
    Great minds think alike 🙂

  • These muted tones are lovely on you

  • Wow, I absolutely love this color combo. The delicate mint color looks great paired with that skirt. Such a beautiful outfit missy! By the way, my girl friend just introduced me to your blog yesterday so, hello! I’m loving it so far. You’re so stylish and quite helpful to someone like myself who wants to have a successful blog in the near future. Thanks for sharing! Hope we can keep in touch. x

  • I love the outfit, too! I like how these colors look w/ your hair color.Great clutch & bracelets. You look lovely!

  • Wispy. That is the best word I can think of to describe your look. So beautiful and wispy.

  • I really love this look! Pinning it now 🙂
    xo, Abbey (District Dress Up)

  • Wow.. I just posted a whole bunch of mint look available on Zara here
    Love your top. Its the best priced option. Did you see the mint pleated skirt? LOVE!

  • You look lovely!! Mint really is THE color for spring and I love your combo a lot!!xo, Christina

  • Not sure how I feel about pastels, as I tend to look like a little girl on Easter Sunday in them! But I do love your bracelets and that stunning metallic clutch!

  • New outfit post: "Ladylike"

  • Oooh a mint blazer. I love it without even seeing it. I always love your carpe diem cuff 😉

  • Yup yup, that color is very chic. It deifnatly is a good representation for spring this year and honestly that color could be worn with light, dark and neon colors! Great outfit post!

  • Gorgeous! Beautiful pastel colours, you look lovely and so ready for Spring x

  • Gorgeous! Beautiful pastel colours, you look lovely and so ready for Spring

  • Your outfit is Gorgeous! Beautiful pastel colours, you look lovely and so ready for Spring

  • I am LOVING your Carpe Diem bracelet – where did you find it?!

  • Very pretty, love the skirt and shoes!!

  • Totally all about the mint as well! Nails are currently in the hue. Great find at Zara!

  • […] Well, it’s official (at least in my mind), spring is here baby! This girl has MAJOR spring fever and I’m so looking forward to rockin’ some of the awesome spring trends we have coming our way. Peplum, bright colors, pastels and metallics to name a few. However, what I’m really loving right now is mint. Yes, mint, a “so fresh and so clean, clean” (sorry, I couldn’t resist the Outkast reference   ) awesome color, the best of the pastel color palette that it seems will saturate our spring season, has been making an appearance lately. I was especially inspired toward this serene spring color after seeing an awesome post by Pretty Shiny Sparkly. […]