Less Hot or Looking Preppy

You may have noticed things looking a little different around here lately. If you’re wondering if PSS got a facelift, why yes…yes it did. If you’re wondering what in the heck I’m talking about–hit Ctrl-R or CMD-R or basically just manually refresh that little thing-a-ma-jig browser. If you’re on a mobile browser, sorry, the fun’s going to have to wait til you get home.

Please take a moment and let this post sink in, because it’s one of the rare moments you’ll ever see me wearing shorts on this blog. I’m not sure what I was thinking. Maybe I was just thinking, “Hey, it’s 100 degrees outside and it’s barely the start of summer, it’s time to put on some shorts”. Mind sufficiently blown, I did not have enough processing power to compute how illogical it would then be to put on a long-sleeved oxford shirt, thereby defeating the purpose of all purposes.

By all accounts, mission Stay Less Hot was an epic fail. But mission Look Preppy Without Meaning To was a resounding success.



Oh, and check out the spiffy new comments. No more Disqus (for now, at least) – do you like me switching back to the old trusty commenting system? I noticed I heard less and less from you guys when I switched to Disqus so if you like me switching back to the old ways, by all means let me know so I don’t make that mistake again. 🙂 I aim to please.