Liquid Chrome Nails

I’d like nails dipped in metal, please.

Ever since I saw the chrome nails on Jak + Jil (above, with the cigarette and armor rings), I was smitten. How on earth could I get some like them? After a bit of research it turns out those nails were actually a Minx manicure, which costs upwards of $40, has to be professionally applied, and apparently doesn’t last all that longer than a regular manicure. With the amount of hand-washing I do every day as a medical professional, that means my chrome shininess would last all of about 24 hours. If I’m lucky.

So I went on an internet search spree, browsing nail polish blogs (this one is one of my favorites) and learned about the nail polish Chanel used on their Spring 2010 Haute Couture runway. It was actually a resurrection of a 2007 limited Europe-only edition of Chanel Duo Platinum Silver (which, sadly, is no longer available).

Other popular chrome polishes that also happen to be hard to find but are sworn by in the beauty community include Maybelline Mirror Magic & Stargazer Chrome. I recently purchased a whole slew of chrome & holographic type nail polishes and I fully intend to test them all and find my favorite.

Here’s what I purchased:

  • China Glaze Hologram
  • China Glaze Platinum Silver
  • China Glaze Fairy Dust
  • Orly Dazzle

Plus some other non-metallics, which you’ll likely see in an outfit post or two! One is an exact replica of Tiffany Blue, and the other is a passionfruit neon color, very bright and fun. Right now I’m wearing Chanel Black Pearl, which is a favorite of mine.

This is it for me this week, tomorrow is the big test and although I normally don’t post on weekends, there might be a post on Sunday if you want to drop by and say hi! Happy weekend!

More molten metal from Chanel

photos: style.com, jak + jil, lady gaga (unknown)