Living in Lagniappe

la·gniappe [lan-yap, lan-yap] -noun Chiefly Southern Louisiana and Southeast Texas a small gift given with a purchase to a customer, by way of compliment or for good measure; bonus.

On Saturday [houston] and I packed up small overnight bags and headed to Lake Charles, Louisiana for a one night mini vacation, one last hoo-rah before my spring break week of doing-nothing-bliss ended. Where did we head? To the ginormous resort hotel and casino L’Auberge du Lac. There, we tried our hand at the slot machines (I wasn’t brave enough to try the tables) and on the last spin of my very first slot machine, I spun triple sevens–winning me $75. It definitely called for a steak dinner and good wine.

The hotel suites are spacious and clean and lovely, with Texas Hill Country accents. Our only issue was the paper-thin walls. We could hear sneezes, they were so thin!

We took in a little shopping at the no less than five stores within the resort. This place was like a cruise ship – boasting a 24 hour cafe among its handful of fine restaurants, and a 24 hour sundries shop as well for incidentals.

How I wish my triple 7’s would have won me this car. I want…

A perfect day is always made more perfect with an evening that involves a good glass of wine. Hey, when in Rome!