Living in…Los Angeles

Click on for a photo journey thus far of my trip to Los Angeles! (iPhone camera-style only at the moment, since I’m still in L.A. and my iMac is not.) Warning: very photo-heavy post!

Above: At a little seafood shop on Santa Monica pier (the name  now escapes me) the first night in Los Angeles. I think I had literally landed about an hour before this pic was taken. It was overcast and chilly!

Above: Ready to hit the road to San Diego on Saturday (which was technically Day #2)! Here, I’m waiting in the car for our 35-minute-wait-breakfast-burritos at a little shack in Glendale called the Corner Cafe. They were good though–humongous, but good! Please excuse the cleavage – I have the tiniest boobs ever, not sure why they look boobalicious here.

Above: Sparkly purple glitter polish on top of navy blue – a new favorite! Very messy though. You have been warned.

Above: The Hotel del Coronado – the fantastic, OMG, wowness, holy-crappin’ view from our hotel room. Coronado was amazing and beautiful, and we had a glorious time–even taking an outfit post shoot to the beach!

Above: My very first time. Nothing less than fabulous. This is the huge H&M at the shops at the Americana at Brand. It was amazing! Also amazing: the Forever 21 next door. Both stores have 2 levels and escalators!

Above: Kelsi was so sweet to invite me to a fabulous dinner with L.A.’s fashion elite, hosted by the fabulous Jenny Fleiss (Founder & President) & AJ (Director of PR) of Rent the Runway (more on that in its own post when I get back!).

Above: Vintage shopping with Kelsi at one fabulously curated vintage shop, and (above) this massive charity thrift warehouse. I got some great finds!

Above: Strolling about Chinatown…

Above: Eating won ton soup at Foo Chow, the Chinese restaurant as made famous by Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in Rush Hour.

Wearing one of my vintage finds.

Above: [houston] + rental car + curb = dented wheel & flat tire, apparently. He was needed at the hospital on call the next day, so I was the lucky beast in charge of getting it fixed (free, of course).

Above & Below: Old fashioned burger & malt joint down the road from the hotel [houston] and I are staying at.

Above: Soon to debut on some outfit posts – above, my new-to-me-but-vintage fur jacket (I don’t buy real fur in general, but I felt vintage fur allowable since it doesn’t support the current fur trade in any way, being vintage), and my oh-so-fabulous new cape! I’ve never owned a cape before but they’re extremely trendy this fall and I look forward to wearing it on those crisp falls days in Texas (whenever that may be).

Other highlights not captured on film:

  • [houston] getting pulled over for talking on his cell phone (oops! we forgot…it’s legal in texas, though i wish it weren’t) – we got off with a warning, which is apparently unheard of.
  • fried zucchini
  • dubbing our gps unit “marvin”
  • bitching at “marvin”
  • $10 fast food (ridic!)
  • amazing tacos at King Taco
  • the amazing weather (hottest day so far = 84 degrees F)
  • the “marine layer” = wtf?
  • meeting up with L.A. fashion bloggers tomorrow at Bloggers Cafe!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed my on-the-road (metaphorically) photo diary! Expect full-on outfit posts and fashion-themed event recaps when I return on Saturday the 25th! Leave a comment letting me know which photo is your favorite!

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  1. Jessica J.
    09.23.2010 / 5:38 pm

    So fun! I picked up on your blog when you guest posted on What I Wore a few weeks ago! I actually live in Southern CA, a little more inland from Huntington Beach and you'll find Irvine (where I live). Hope you're having a great trip and happy shopping!

    • 09.23.2010 / 8:02 pm

      Jessica – you are fabulous! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I'm having a blast indeed!

  2. 09.23.2010 / 7:53 pm

    <3 the pics!!! oooo and glad you loved H&M!!! I don't know if they have it in Houston but I've seen it in Atlanta and SF … it's a slightly less cheaper version of Forever 21 but I still loooooooove it~~ Did u go to the Americana mall in Glendale? That's near where my cousins live =) (near Glendale)

    • 09.23.2010 / 8:00 pm

      I'm staying in Glendale! Actually, it's kinda in between Glendale and Burbank, but it's pretty close to the Americana!

  3. 09.23.2010 / 7:56 pm

    ooo hehe and a "neverending story" necklace?? what a blast from the past~~

    • 09.23.2010 / 8:01 pm

      HB starts whistling the "neverending stooooooorreeeeeeeee…AAaaAA AAaaAA AAaaAAAhhhhhh…." tune

  4. 09.23.2010 / 10:52 pm

    H&M is incredible! I wish we had one in New Orleans. I think the closet one is Atlanta. Boo. Anytime I'm in a city with an H&M I make sure to pencil it into my itinerary.

  5. Rachael
    09.24.2010 / 12:56 am

    Loved this post!! I miss California so much I nearly cried when you mentioned Santa Monica lol.

    Great pictures!

    p.s. Fried zucchinis are amazing aren't they?

    p.p.s I'm having my first giveaway, stop by my blog to enter!

    • 09.25.2010 / 6:17 pm

      Thanks V! I loved it so much. I want to live there.

  6. 09.24.2010 / 2:18 am

    I love H&M! I was always a huge fan and we moved to Germany 10 months ago and I was so super happy to find out that there is an H&M in our town!!

  7. 09.24.2010 / 9:46 am

    Looks like you are having a fabulous time!

  8. 09.25.2010 / 8:37 pm

    Looks like an amazing time! The lace top and fur vest are a perfect combination!

  9. 09.26.2010 / 5:44 am

    great photos, it makes me want go to there, I really want go to h&m because my country didn't have it 🙁

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