Lucky FABB Conference

I’m writing this from the depths of the business center in the basement of my hotel. That’s what I get for not having a laptop, I guess!

Kim of eat.sleep.wear and I

Kim and Taylor of Sterling Style

Yep, that’s Tory Burch.

Pretty sweaters at the Lands’ End Canvas suite

Holy smokes, it’s Jenna Lyons!! The President and Executive Creative Director of J. Crew!!

I had so much fun at the Lucky FABB conference on Tuesday. There, I got to mix and mingle with some of my favorite bloggers in real life (Jessica, Kim, Christina, Taylor, & more) as well as making some new friends (like Erika, Beth, & Christine). I also met the editor-in-chief of Lucky, Brandon Holley, as well as the ever-fabulous Mary Gail Pezzimenti and Liz, who helms Lucky Breaks.

Aside from meeting my favorite people, I met the most awesome celebrity. I don’t know if you’ve heard of her, but her name is Joan Rivers. (!!!!!)

Sorry it’s so blurry…darn iPhone!

She mentioned during her lunch talk at the conference that she is an advocate of suicide survivors (that’s the family & friends who are left behind after a person commits suicide). I’m not sure if you know this, but her husband committed suicide some years ago. When she mentioned that, I felt absolutely compelled that I had to speak to her. I had to share my loss and tell her I know how she feels and that I am really touched by her support for suicide survivors.

So, when she finished, I scurried out the back door and ran up to her in the hallway, where I shared exactly that. When one of her team asked me kindly and with genuine enthusiasm for my information, I handed her my card and my mom’s blog address scrawled on a piece of paper (my mom writes about life after the death of her son, exploring spirituality).

She asked me if I was “mad” about my brother’s suicide (well, to quote her, she exclaimed, “Are you MAD?!”) and I admitted that yes, I was, and still am. She feels it is okay to feel angry after a loved one takes their life – especially since it’s a natural emotion, a justifiable one to most, yet it is so taboo.

Then, she spontaneously gave me a hug.

I died.

The End.

Well, okay, not really the end. After the conference was the cocktail party, and that’s where we really had fun. We goofed off, drank Bellini’s and champagne, and had a grand ol’ time snapping away with our big clunky digital SLR cameras.

After the party it’s the after-party!

K/Christina² (Christina is of Profresh Style)

It’s Jess of What I Wore! Hi Jess!


When our stomachs started growling and longing for more than miniature food, we grabbed our 30 pound gift bags and a group of us (Jessica, Christina, Erika, Amy, & Nina) hobbled into two taxis and got some greasy diner food. Then, it was time to head home, pull on some PJ’s and tuck myself into bed. But not before calling HB and dishing the entire day’s events to him, of course.

I know I’m forgetting some of your names/blogs, so please feel free to correct in the comments below and I’ll be sure to update the post! I’m moderating tomorrow’s IFB panel so be sure to tune into the livestream for all the action!

More fun headshots!