Lucky FABB-ulous

Another season came and with that the second-ever Lucky FABB conference. I had the pleasure of being invited to attend last year, and it was phenomenal. A really professional production. This year looked no different. Unfortunately, because FABB and IFB were scheduled on the same day, I could only pop by for a quick moment to say hello to my blogger friends in attendance, and a few of my friends at Lucky, before I had to jet off to the IFB conference for a panel (more on that in an upcoming post).

But because I’m absolutely terrible about remembering to get outfit photos at conferences and blogger events (bad blogger! bad!), I whipped up a recreation of the outfit, collage-style. Oh, and I couldn’t find the H&M blouse online, so I used a vaguely-similar-but-not-really one instead. Mmmkay.

I sat front row during my brief stint at Lucky FABB, with my gorgeous friend, the fabulous Kim of Eat.Sleep.Wear. Hi, lovely!

Up close and personal with Diane von Furstenberg, and Lucky EIC Brandon Holley (whose new haircut is soooo cute!).

Naturally, they both wore fabulous shoes.

Diane unveiled her new bag, the Harper Connect, which also doubles as an iPad case, even with a flap so you can work on it without taking it out! I needed one that day (I still do)!

Kim was kind enough to snap photos of my up-close-and-personal hugfest with Diane herself. So in awe of this amazing renaissance woman! I definitely look up to her as a role model for “having it all” and “doing it all”.

Whadya know…she even has the same attention span as I do! Who could blame the amazing woman??

Well, PSS has been experiencing traffic in the past week…or weeks…that is no-bueno for my current server. I spent the entire weekend working on moving the site to Rackspace Cloud Servers (long story) only to realize that I just do not have the technical chops to be a server administrator and run my blog and pretty much do anything else. So, back the site went to its original (and now current) location, while I try and find a different solution. My goal is not to have to buy a dedicated server solution, which will run a cool $199 a month. My eyes bleed at the very sight of such a price!!

Did you watch the Lucky FABB livestream? I missed the Kardashians and…well, everyone else, but let me know in the comments what your favorite part of the conference was!

Heartfelt thanks goes out to Caroline Waxler who organized the amazing conference AND gave me a tour of the Lucky Magazine offices in the Cond√© Nast building the day before the conference…you are amazing babe, love you xoxo