5 Reasons You Should Try Airbrush at Home

I have been familiar with the art of airbrush makeup for many years. Long ago, my mother purchased an airbrush makeup system for me from Amazon — it was cheap, it was fun to learn how to use, and it gave great results. After moving from our old apartment into the house we live in now, I somehow lost track of the little set, and there have been times when my foundation just does NOT want to cooperate with my skin. Whether my skin is too flaky, too acne-prone, or just too reddened from harsh treatments — sometimes it seemed like it would just be best to go without makeup than to cake foundation on my face and make the problem even more obvious.

I missed the easy solution: airbrush foundation.

Airbrush foundation has the benefit of allowing skin to breathe without sacrificing longevity or coverage, it doesn’t look cakey or thick. It’s great for “camera-ready” skin, fabulous for video, or even selfies.

Many people tend to think of airbrush makeup as “special occasion” makeup, but I would argue that it is actually incredibly simple. I can apply airbrush makeup in less time than it takes me to painstakingly bounce a beauty blender sponge across my face to ensure even, blended coverage. With airbrush, the blending is done for you–by the air we breathe.

When Luminess Air contacted me to review their two unique airbrush systems, I happily agreed because I’m already familiar with the brand, and they offered a new tool I hadn’t seen before: the Epic 2, which integrates handy tutorials videos in a display module built right in to the device itself. No fishing about with a DVD player or watching online tutorials. It sits right in front of you, a button touch away. It’s perfect for the beginner airbrush user.

Shown above are the two systems, the Luminess Epic 2 (left) and the Luminess Legend (right). Luminess Legend is their smallest, and most quiet airbrush yet. It comes with DVD and instruction booklet for first-timers, and it’s also their most affordable option. It, like the Epic 2, has an almost silent motor and continuous air flow for micro-fine airbrush makeup application.

Luminess Epic 2 is the one with the bells and whistles, and arguably the most versatile and user-friendly given its handy LCD screen and how-to makeup application tutorials.

Most notably, I noticed that the two Luminess systems were lightyears better than my cheaper, old-school Amazon one that went missing in the big move: namely, they were much quieter and the spray was more micro-fine which I felt gave an even more natural look (which you’ll see down in this post in a moment).

Above (left) is my face without makeup (scary). I had just woken up, can you tell?

You can see that I suffer from hormonal acne on my chin as well as redness from those marks and the marks of Christmas past (kidding) – as well as general redness and sun discoloration. Above (right) you can see the starter kit that came with my Luminess package, I chose to use the moisturizing primer first, then 5 drops of shade 2 as well as 1 drop of shade 3 to match the color of my neck.

I opted to go with the Luminess Epic 2 since I had not used an airbrush system with features like this (LCD Screen, tutorials, ultra quiet and portable).

Left: the starter kit and my Epic 2 system ready to go. Right: watching an application tutorial just to brush up on my skills before I began.

Above, you can see how my skin looked with one side having the full moisturizer + foundation applied.

Above, you can see how my face looks like it’s been photoshopped (it hasn’t – this is straight out of the camera believe it or not) – and after I’ve added my brow pencil, and some clear lip gloss. I used the airbrush blush that came with my starter pack as well. The blush was a bit tricker than the foundation to use, so I need a bit more practice, and I had to go over with foundation a little bit more afterward to get rid of my heavy-handed application!

Here is how my makeup looked in natural daylight about six hours after application. Here is how my makeup looked in natural daylight about six hours after application.

Overall, with practice, this system can be very easy to use and I found the effects and finish to last as long if not longer than standard foundation. I especially liked that it did not cling to dry patches, but I have a few caveats. If you have carpal tunnel or any type of arthritis in the wrists, this may not be for you, since it requires you to hold pressure on the lever mechanism for minutes at a time. Also, if you have lots of fine “peach fuzz” and do not use hair removal methods beforehand, this will likely accentuate them. Especially on tan skin.

The benefits of airbrush, in my opinion, are that you have an endless range of color possibilities. You can use the same type of makeup in summer as in winter, and you can custom mix you own shade any time you like – and always have the perfect match for your skin without buying another $25-50 bottle of foundation!

The effects are near-flawless, and I quite like that it felt like I had literally nothing on my face. All in all, if you have been thinking about dabbling in airbrush makeup, I would wholeheartedly recommend Luminess systems as your go-to choice–and most specifically, the Epic 2, for reasons I outlined earlier in this post.

Coupon code:  425758205 for 20% off either product, for US customers only, just for Pretty Shiny Sparkly readers.

You can click here for more information about the: Luminess Legend  |  Luminess Epic 2

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This post was sponsored by and in collaboration with Luminess Air, who provided me with the products and compensation for my time spent reviewing this product. I am always forthcoming and honest in my reviews, and if I have any qualms about a sponsored product, it doesn’t show up on my website. This product met and exceeded my expectations, and I am so thankful to Luminess for providing me with the opportunity to share with you such a great product.

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