Mad World

Mad World

Music and movies are really big in my life. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t have a song stuck in my head (often just a particular verse).

But sometimes my love of movies butts in and decides to give me a single movie quote, which gets stuck in my head.

A movie quote stuck in my head?! Does this ever happen to you?

This entire weekend has been dominated by a song for me. It’s called “Mad World”, originally by Tears for Fears, but the version I can’t get out of my brain is the one by Adam Lambert during the 8th season of American Idol.

Outfit Philosophy

Sometimes I literally get dressed piece by piece in my closet. Other times (often only when I have time), I will methodically pick out pieces and lay it out on my bed for a visual (here’s a pic I tweeted before wearing this outfit).

How do you get ready?

P.S. – Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans out there! Never prouder to be an American than I am on a day like today, when we are free to pursue our dreams and make our own way.

P.P.S. – Thank you to England, for losing. Love ya.