Max Tonal

I really think nothing makes you feel more girly, feminine and elegant, than a flowy skirt. I don’t wear skirts enough, but I need to because I’d like to feel this way more often! I think I have skirt amnesia. It’s like I forget how great it feels to wear a skirt, and I am perpetually forgoing skirts in favor of pants, jeans, and shorts–until I am forced to wear a skirt and it’s like an epiphany every time. Skirt senility.

For this Bloggers Do It Better challenge I knew immediately I would wear this much-loved skirt (seen here). I decided to pair it with a shirt I bought last year from H&M but never got around to wearing it much. It has a tendency to droop down and give people a show I’d rather not give them–at least not for free. So I went for a tonal blend of neutrals and browns–which has a lengthening effect and keeps the skirt from being too dramatic.

For my petite frame, platforms are a must unless I hem the skirt, but I opted against altering this skirt because I wasn’t sure if the raw-cut nature and pretty flowing quality would be sacrificed. Fortunately, I own a lot of platform shoes!

Friday the Bloggers Do It Better–Maxi Challenge link-up post will go live right here on Pretty Shiny Sparkly. This is when you make sure your post is up on your blog, you read the instructions/”rules” for playing (twice), and then link up your blog! Can’t wait to see what you guys have dreamed up. Whether or not you participate in BDIB, I think you will find tons of inspiration from real girls just like you, with real style (and real budgets).