Meet Gidget

You’ll have to excuse the absence of any beauty or style related post this weekend. We got a new puppy! It’s been about 11 months since we lost Winnie, and our hearts are finally ready and open to inviting another little bundle of furbaby joy into them. Instead of outfit shoots and beauty product testing, our weekend was spent at Petsmart (a record breaking 4 times in 2 days), at our house getting the place “puppy ready”, and of course the requisite trip to the family’s house to introduce her to extended family members. She is actually related to Bella, my mother’s Yorkie (whom you last saw here), in that they share the same dad and their mothers are sisters! She, like Bella, is super tiny, only 1 pound at 3 months of age. She’s also a real trooper, handling baths and the wayward thermometer at her first vet checkup with ease. Let me know if you’d like to meet her in some of my videos! She’s definitely been the weekend star of my Instagram.

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  • Brianna

    Awww, what a cutie!! I love furbabies!! I hope you guys are having fun with her and that she’s adjusting well to her new home!

  • I am so happy for you Kristina! She’s so very adorable and is going to bring you such joy. Good luck with your new baby!-Ash

  • she’s the cutest thing ever!!!

  • Grit & Glamour™

    Congratulations! Sounds like my life as of late…lots of money spent on doggie stuff! She’s precious. I know how you feel having a fur baby in your life again.

  • Heidi

    Oh my word she’s so tiny! I love the video of her just passed out with her little feet up in the air. That’s definitely how puppies sleep. Happy for all three of you and your little family.

  • Aww!! She’s so cute! Congratulations!!

  • EV Welsh

    Awww! Love her, you can see her little personality beeming through. Congrats!

  • Amanda MeeMee

    OH MY! She is so stinking CUTE!!!!!!!!!!
    Voyage of the MeeMee

  • Edna pertuz

    She’s so cute. I have a little Bella too. They’re amazing cuddly dogs.

  • Awww I love her!

  • Soooooooooooo adorable. Congrats! Hope she brings you all the love!

  • Lorna Mai Ltd

    I don’t usually like dogs but she is just gorgeous!

  • Stephanie C

    My family has a yorkie too! And my gosh they are just the most adorable babies! Of course they are cute when they grow up to, but its hard to come even close to the cuteness of a yorkie pup!

  • ZOMG! She’s sooo cute!

  • bouieyle

    it is cute..l like

  • Brooke

    Congrats! We have a little girl as well, who is 2 years old and just 1.6 lbs. Enjoy your little pumpkin!

  • What a little cutie & perfect sized companion.

  • Faerl Marie Torres

    She’s so cute! Puppies are the best, especially once they’re potty trained and well behaved!!

  • Veronika Kostrouchova

    She’s cute and congratulations.

    But I would have recommended getting a dog from the pound – I know, not as fun as a puppy, but those dogs are the best. They will be grateful to you for saving them and there are so many dogs to choose from. And, yes, I’m not a huge hypocrite, I did get my dog from the pound (I would have loved him as a pup, but as a grown dog he’s still the best).