Meet Leeloo

leeloo Braly maltese puppy

We are so overjoyed and ecstatic to bring a sister for Gidget into the Braly fold.  We searched shelters for nearly a year to find Gidget the perfect playmate and companion, with no success.  But when we stumbled upon this little girl, we immediately scooped her up and she hasn’t left our laps since.  She’s sweet, funny, rambunctious, very playful, and has about a 75% success rate for potty training on the puppy pads–which is pretty good considering her age!

Gidget remains cautiously curious – I think she isn’t sure she’s a real dog.  Maybe a gerbil or something.  But they’re getting acquainted, and I must say, Leeloo will fast become a solid member of our family.

People may wonder why I decided to take on raising another dog when we have a baby on the way.  Namely, there is no better time than the present!  Once baby Braly comes into the foray, we will have little time for anything else, like housebreaking a dog – and Gidget will have a sense of the pack and I feel, optimistically, won’t be jealous of baby Braly when it comes to attention.

For a list of Maltese rescues and your nearest shelter, please visit https://www.americanmalteserescue.org and https://www.aspca.org.