Meet Me at Sunset

It’s moments like these that I truly love what I do on the blog. When the light is just right, your face is finally clear, your hair is less of a mess than usual, and your lipgloss is just the right shade of sheer. Things that feel like the stars are aligned for just one moment–the best outfit shoot ever.

Now, if the legs were a smidge (or foot) longer, I’d probably promise my firstborn to you in return.

But I digress.

Texas is hot and muggy, once more. Out come the breezy silk tops, lightweight shorts, and platform wedges (naturally). I’m a cold-weather girl, so why I live in this city still remains a testament to how much I love the people in my life. Dramatic? Yes. Do I hate hot humid climates enough to make the statement? Also yes.

What’s the temperature like where you live? Is it getting hot and gross yet?

If not…can I come stay with you?