Military Chic

There really are fairly few trends out there that repeat season after season (pops of color during spring, winter whites, neutrals…) and femme spins on military are nothing new. I’ll be the first to admit I own more than my fair share of army green apparel. I love mixing them with girly touches like a splash of sequins, some glitter here or there, or glomming it up with pearls.

In fact, I love it so much, it served as inspiration for my very first design. Yes, I can now add “fashion designer” to my résumé! It’s a gorgeous blouse, made in the USA (right in NYC, actually). It is 100% silk, features pale gold sequin trim epaulets, and sequin trim on the pocket. I added feminine touches as well with tailoring and ruching.

This is a sneak peek of it! It even has my new line’s very own label sewn in. My line’s name and logo will be revealed when it goes on sale, which will be…

Monday Nov 21 9am EST thru Tuesday Nov 22nd (only 48 hours!)

I really hope you’ll like it! (And…ahem…want to buy it…) 🙂 It’s been months of painstaking work in the making, and I’m super excited to be the first blogger designer launching with this new startup company that makes this all happen–The Man Repeller is the second blogger, and her design is actually on sale right now to coincide with a charity event. How exciting! (You can check out her lovely red dress here.) I’ll be sure to provide more information and sneak peeks until the big day (Monday!). Sign up to be notified the minute it goes on sale (it is only on sale for 48 hours).

And now, Leandra and I are proud to introduce you to the behind the scenes geniuses who made it all happen: LINEBY (plus, get a little closer look at the blouse, before the big reveal!)

As for the new Bloggers Do It Better assignment, you can post your look on your blog anytime but remember that on Tuesday, November 22nd at midnight Central time, the link-up post will go live here on Pretty Shiny Sparkly, and you’ll be able to add your look to the mix using the widget within the post.

Eeeek! So great! So many happy things! I couldn’t be more excited to share this news with you all – this wouldn’t be happening without having all of you to call my friends.

Full disclosure: I’m going to be totally un-cool here and confess that I wept after seeing the above video. Is this real life?