Mix Master

When I was young my local mall had an arcade area with a whirling ride that lacked in safety but made up for it in fun–it was called the Mix Master. Today’s outfit feels a little bit like that ride–testing the waters, perhaps receiving a dubious look or two on elevators, but hey, it’s all in the name of fashion. Can’t win ’em all. I feel like my thunder thighs and cankles are center stage here, but I decided to post this anyway to keep it real–we all have hits and misses and our bodies aren’t perfect!

I’m absolutely loving my latest nail polish color, it’s China Glaze’s “Surfin’ for Boys” and it’s a neon neon orange with subtle hints of pink to it–it’s so hard to describe you’ll just have to see it in person for yourself. To tie in the orange nails, I added an orange belt and kept the shoes simple with nude pumps. My latest arm candy is dominated by my Avon bracelets. They’re so easy to stack!

Big thanks to my sister Annika (@annikamed on Instagram) for taking these photos!