Mixed Metals

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The logical, OCD, left-brained side of me loves organization and cataloguing. It’s simply a shame that my artistic, chaotic, messy side generally trumps all, leaving me living in clutter that stresses me out but not enough to clean it up until the mister throws his hands up in exasperation and forces me to. That’s probably why I like this blog so much.

These are a few of the baubles I wear on a daily basis (though it’s safe to assume I only wear one watch at a time, albeit remarkably large ones). Over many years I’ve amassed a little collection of David Yurman (my favorite jewelry designer) but until recently haven’t been wearing them much because of my fondness for a certain yellow-gold watch that is ubiquitous on PSS.

Enter my new love: the rose gold version of said watch. It arrived in the mail Friday thanks to my friends over at Shop Bop and I’m head over heels. It has that more muted pink hue with which I find it easier to mix metals. I think it’s safe to say you’ll be seeing this new addition a lot in future posts.