Mon Cherie

A casual day spent after a 24 hour shift at the hospital calls for engineer boots, my trusty trouser jeans, a breton striped top, and a shiny camel blazer for a touch of glamour. The hair was a lost cause, especially when while running errands, HB gave me a 45 minute warning to get ready, but showed up after only 18 minutes (I counted).

I enjoyed watching my new holographic nail polish dazzle in the sunlight (photos do not display how prismatic it is!), playing with a pointing statue, and in general just being a sleep-deprived goofball.

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  • I love your jeans and the striped top, guess I'll need to check out Gap more often!


  • Angela

    You look fabulous….especially considering the lack of sleep! Between you and Jessica at "What I Wore" I am now convinced I must find myself a Breton striped top!

  • I love your outfit
    real pretty

  • Hey..You look gorgeous in the pics. I love the bag bag, blazer and striped tee..
    nice blog…i recently started following you.

  • This is such a great outfit made with classic pieces: neutral blazer, nautical stripes and blue jeans. It's so great! I'm so into the bulky ring that you're wearing. It's so sassy and it fits your personality so well! πŸ™‚



  • I love, love, love this outfit! This is so very much something that I'd wear and it looks fabulous on you. The bag. The ring. Love it. Great choices.

  • That Gap blazer is really cute, love the print when the sleeves are rolled up. This outfit is a real classic look, informal, comfortable, yet so stylish. The jeans have a lovely shape and colour to them. Really cute outfit indeed!

  • i love being a sleep-deprived goofball! i really love this outfit and despite a crazy day and lack of time to get ready (my boyfriend does the same thing to me) you look fabulous! <3shelby

  • You look really comfy and cute. Great for an afternoon spent at the park or museum hopping. Very nice blazer and bag.. Really like this look.

  • Such chic and playful pictures! Your hair is definitely not a lost cause, it looks beautiful and windswept. Looking super lovely, hun!
    <a href="” target=”_blank”>
    much love.

  • Bretons and wide leg trousers is a favorite of mine. Casual chic, like on a Parisien boulevard. Thank you for commenting on Mode Plus too.

  • I like this a lot! It' s simplicity is very pretty πŸ™‚
    .Relatable Style

  • I absolutely love this outfit and I could totally see myself replicating it… hmmm…

  • I love how easy and wearable this look is – some bloggers tend to overdo it, but your looks are always chic and comfortable! Keep rocking it.
    In Pursuit of Style

  • Something about a merino shirt or sweater that takes any outfit up a notch. Great look!

  • Wide leg jeans are my favorite. Wore my trusty pair today – definitely worth it. I can't get enough of their comfort. πŸ™‚ Great outfit. You look fabulous!

  • Lidi, Eclectic Flair

    Love that purse so much, it's perfection!
    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  • LOVE the blazer and entire look overall. Loving the nail polish color too!!! Looks like you had fun at your "photo shoot".

  • Roosevelt

    Just out of curiosity what brand are those wonderful jeans you're wearing?

  • Love this look, but really love the accessories!! You look amazing!

  • Great nail color and pics. Sometimes being sleep deprived brings out the best of our "inner goofballs".

  • Love your outfit, so funny I have the exact same Gap tee and I almost wore it today. Love the blazer I wonder if hm still have it. Gotta try this nail polish also really cute. And your hair looks nice.

  • One of your best. Fav and statue from back. HAHAHA! Prettiest photo #2–you have such a great smile and shows the whole outfit. Doing casual in great way, especially with fairly flat shoes is something that usually Ralph Lauren carries off…but I think you might be giving him a run for his money with this outfit!

    The Chief Blonde!

  • Natalie

    Don't you just hate those last minute, we have crap to do, you gotta be ready in 30 minutes (sometimes my boyfriend tells me 15 then asks every 2 minutes how I'm doing, ugh!) errand outings?! You pull it off much more gracefully than I, that's for sure!

  • michelle

    beautiful photo, outfit, blog πŸ™‚

    music & fashion post up!

  • Great casual, chic outfit! Striped tees and wide leg jeans have pretty much been all I've been in the mood to wear this spring.

  • Love the bag!!!

  • MG

    haha, i love the last pose! so glad to see a fashion blogger with a sense of humor. hope you're feeling better!!!

  • I love this look! The jeans are so fun!


    Live Life in Style

  • I am new to your site and I am so glad I fount it- I have learnt so much with your tips and tricks and I love your style to boot! Thank you for inspiring me to be a better blogger, I think its time to switch to WordPress! πŸ™‚


  • The things I love about this outfit: The Breton stripes. The stripes on the sleeves of the blazer. The wide-legged jeans (I'm yet to embrace that myself). The turquoise ring. And that great bag. Lovely.

  • Oh, I forgot to say thanks for the tips on The Secrets of Successful Fashion Blogging.

  • So cute, I love the "this way, no that way photos" πŸ™‚

  • Gorgeous bag! and what a beautiful blazer. Lovely =)


    Miss Neira

  • I love this classic outfit. Nautical stripes are a favorite of mine and I love the bag too.

  • […] Hope you enjoy this second round of post-call air-dried hair. […]

  • You are too cute. When I am sleep deprived I get really silly and giggly until I just hit the wall and than nightnight. I'm loving the look, especially the chunky ring. Congrats on all the hard work and your still finding time to be with the hubs. Kudos!

  • I know you posted this a while ago but I featured it as modest fashion inspiration on for Saturday and it will be featured on my personal fashion blog as well in a moment. I really love the combination of pieces in this outfit. Also I love the shot of you imitating the statue. hehe.

  • I'm totally in love with your blog..This pictures are beautiful and the outfit is amazing! Take a look at my blog: