More FABB & NYC!!

Well, it’s back to normal life. But not before I post about IFB, which was Thursday, and so much fun. I moderated a fantastic group of panelists about the art of working with sponsors gracefully. I was so nervous beforehand, but fortunately it went off without a hitch. Ironically, I was most nervous about the panelist intros. I was so afraid I was going to screw it up!

Photos 1+2 are courtesy of the lovely Kim…above you see the end of a day of walking around NYC (SoHo, mainly) on my hotel bed. And the last photo is my one and only NYC souvenir. I allowed myself one purchase because everything else is so expensive (food & cabs) and of course something touristy wouldn’t do. I loved, loved this metallic gold leather jotter at Kate’s Paperie. It’s perfect in my handbag for jotting down notes, blog ideas, and inspiration.

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  • I am so glad you enjoyed your trip! I hope you felt gorgeous in this hat, because you absolutely look it!! Welcome back to "real life!":)

    • Thank you! I was one of the only people at the conference in a hat, but I did enjoy wearing it! Even though I'm not much of a hat person 🙂

  • You did fine moderating! I've been wanting a hat like that and after seeing it on you, I might have to get one!

    Lindsey Soup

    • Thanks Lindsey! Mine is from American Apparel.

  • You did awesome. I loved seeing a blogger up there I knew and read constantly. Everything was so informative, and I loved it.
    My Heart Blogged

    • i'm so glad you enjoyed it, MHB! thanks for your support 🙂

  • i loved watching the streaming webcast of IFB and you did great! and what a unique little souvenir. it's lovely!

    • I heart the livestream was a lil' choppy connection-wise, but I'm so glad that you watched! Thank you!

  • glad you had a great time honey!! didn't get to watch the panel though as i was not by a computer at the time =( u don't happen to have a clip on you do you??
    otherwise, loooove the gold nailpolish and glad you had a fantastic time there!!! u looked fabulous!!

    • I'm waiting for the conference video to come up on IFB – crossing my fingers! Right now it's looping old content but I hope to be able to see it too – I'm curious how I looked on camera! lol!

  • Fun! I would have loved to have been there

  • Did you manage to get a cupcake from Magnolia's? or one of the many other amazing bakeries?! 🙂
    So lovely to meet you @ IFB! I really enjoyed your panel!!!

    • Never did – ran out of time! Great meeting you too Kinsey!

  • you were fabulous at the IFB Conference – and I adored your sequin shirt 😉