My Morning Skincare Routine

Hello everyone! Today I’m excited to share my updated morning skincare routine with you. This was a doozy to film (confession: I filmed it twice!) but ultimately I wanted to share how effective the new La Roche-Posay Effaclar Acne Treatment System has been working for me. I love 3-step systems that have active ingredients in every step–so I don’t feel like I’m doing nothing half the time. Even the gel cleanser has some pretty great active ingredients! Bottom line: I’m impressed.

Avoid this system if you have very dry or flaky skin – or at the very least, start slow, maybe 3 times per week. Then build up gradually. This kit is designed for the acne-prone, so if you don’t get spots, this may not be the kit for you. (La Roche-Posay has some seriously great skincare products–even those designed for Rosacea!)

Catch my video above and feel free to shop the products below! Scroll down for an awesome giveaway!


Win One of Ten Effaclar Acne Treatment System Kits!

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Please read the official rules before entering. Thanks guys!

I collaborated with La Roche-Posay to share the acne system kits with you, my readers. It’s a natural, organic partnership that starts with my own love of Effaclar Duo. Thanks for your support so that I can bring you even more great deals and giveaways in the future!

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  • Brittany M

    Hi Kristina! Do you have trouble with the Effaclar Duo staining your clothes or sheets? If so, any tips to avoid this? I used to love the Effaclar Duo but it would bleach my pillow case at night when I slept and I am afraid it might bleach my clothes if I applied it in the morning.

    • Hi Brittany! You know it’s funny, other benzoyl-peroxide products stain my sheets and towels, but Effaclar never has (and I use black face towels!). But I would recommend putting it on early, and possibly underneath other skincare products (like serums, moisturizers) so it isn’t sitting on top of other products for a long time. Maybe that will help?

  • Erin LeSueur Seibel

    I just love your blog and vlogs:) I have learned a ton from you!

  • Brenda Shortt

    Love your site on YouTube..I check for new posts every day….

  • Nienke

    This routine sounds wonderful. I have exactly the same type of skin. Thanks for the tip!

  • Sarah

    Oh my word, I *love* La Roche Posay! It does not surprise me that their acne products work so well. I have used their Toleraine Dermo-Cleanser every morning for years and some of the other Toleraine products when I can afford them–and I can count on my right hand the skin care products that do not irritate my face (have been sent to Mayo for sensitive skin and skin allergies.) It sure is nice that they sell their products in some pharmacies now (at least they do here, hopefully also in Texas?) Curbs the panic you feel when you realize you are running low and have not ordered more!

    I know I sound like I work for them, but good job highlighting such a fantastic company!

  • Susan Heintz Pereira

    Do you follow a similar routine at night?

  • Rossana Rossino

    Hi Kristina! I was wondering why do you prefer the Effaclar Duo? Effaclar K works better on my oily skin.
    By the way, I´m from Guatemala (Central America) y love your blog and YouTube channel.

  • Andrea

    Been using the Duo for about a year. Would love to try the wash and toner.

  • sarah

    I didn’t know they had a 3 step system..would love to try it.

  • Sara

    This would be great for my acne prone skin!The Effaclar Acne Treatment kit is my favorite and would love to try one! Love your site! thank you <3 #La Roche-Posay #Effaclar AcneTreatment #prettyshinysparkly #giveaways!

  • Angela Schmidt

    Enjoying your videos on YouTube!

  • As you said that “twice in a day”, can I use it before going to sleep?

  • Kamila

    I have recently found a series of natural products on which includes creams and soaps, I tried them and the results are amazing! The products clean the skin, give it moisture, clarify it, remove the dead layer of skin. I highly recommend trying them on .