My Best Friend’s Wedding

This past weekend was spent in a small Texas town called Dripping Springs. There, a beautiful young bride named Paula (also known as BCB, P-Dids, PAM of TAM KAM & PAM, etc..) wed a sweethearted groom from Chicago who captured her heart. The bride is one of my very best friends, and I had the privilege and honor of being one of her bridesmaids on her special day.

Paula and I have been fast friends ever since our middle school days, bonding over our mutual adoration of the boy band HANSON, pouring over the pages of Teen Beat and YM. Many a slumber party were spent in her house’s guest bedroom, aka the-comfiest-bed-ever, where try as we may, we could never make it through The Shining from start to finish. (One day, Paula!! One day!)

The bride got ready at the venue’s bridal suite, where we primped and fluffed and oohed and aahed like all good girlfriends do when placed in one room together.

Tracy had her hair done first – so pretty!

I went for one of Carrie Underwood’s red carpet looks. So Carrie, isn’t it?!

Ahh, I loved it. It was such an elegant updo. I felt like a beauty queen and country star all rolled into one.

Well, maybe only for a second. Then it was quickly back to my plain-jane goofy old self. Tracy too.

Tracy and the bride’s cousin Deborah brushed their teeth squeaky clean and got ready for makeup – whether it was professional or self-applied, every girl ended up looking naturally gorgeous.

Case in point: the bride’s big sis (and matron of honor!) Erica.

Could this gown BE any prettier?

Time for Bride’s makeup!

Ever on a budget, even though I splurged last-minute with professional updo, I opted to do my own makeup. I always like how I do it better than anyone else does on me. You know what they say about wanting something done right?! Yeah, I’m the spokeswoman for the Type A club.

Finally – the one you’ve been waiting for – the bridesmaid dress unveiled (no pun intended)! The dress is Alfred Angelo. Isn’t it so purdy?

BCBs 4 EVA!!!!!!

What a glowing bride. It’s like trying to stand next to the sun.

See what I mean?

Congratulations, Paula & Michael. Thank you for letting me take pictures here and there during your special day, and thank you for letting me be a part of it. Consider this my wedding toast to you, the beautiful couple; this way, you can look back on it whenever you like! I know you are having a blast in Costa Rica right now – get a tan for me! Love you both!

Paula & Michael Kingsley
November 6, 2010